Birthday holds a special meaning for us cancer survivors. It is not just a celebration of our age, it is also a celebration of love, life, and laughter despite cancer tried to crush us down.

alt="March 2018 and my 2nd year cancer-free."
March 2018 and my 2nd-year of cancer free.

Three years from today, I was diagnosed with rare cancer and it was the month of February and March were the worst tragedy that I never wish in life but I have to experience it.

Three years from today, I was supposed to be excited and happy because my birthday is coming, but I wasn’t. Back then, I was a person full of fears and anger. It was an unpleasant welcome for my 30th birthday.

The month of March is my birthday when I was brought to this world and the same month where my doctor told me about my final diagnosis after my surgery that I had cancer.

The month of March could be both bitter and sweet to me. In that month, where I was uncertain about living and pursuing my goals in life. Yet here I am, writing, living life to the fullest, traveling, and making life meaningful by being an advocate for cancer in Asia.

This year, 2019, I had figured that on my birthday I would just make it much simpler and more meaningful. Having dinner with my family and have a few glasses of wine and to raise a fund for my friend, Tien, who suffer from hypothyroidism and is now traveling to Russia the moment I am writing this. She will continue her medical appointments to one of the best oncologists there, if possible.

alt="Cielo's Birthday Fundraising"
Cielo’s Birthday Fundraising. Click the photo where to inquire for more information.

And for the rest and especially you who are reading this blog, I made a list of wish just for YOU:

  • I wish you could spend more time with your loved ones and family members.
  • I wish you to have more time pursuing your passion.
  • I wish you to get excited and happy whatever you do and wherever you are at the moment.

Birthday means more since cancer, and, oh yes, I would love to have more wishes each time I celebrate my two birthdays!

And thank you, just for being here, reading my blog, is just like celebrating my birthday with me.

Thank you for reading.




Cielo Superticioso, is the author of The Cancer Voice Asia created last August 2017. Cielo focuses on the remarkable benefits of sharing her story and uses her own journey as a means to help you with yours.

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