Free Advice: Stop Counting Days, Enjoy Each Day Instead

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What cancer has taught me?

Here’s a piece of free advice: stop counting your days, enjoy each day instead. It’s not coming back again!

You may think I’m crazy – well, yes you may be right! But, don’t say because my cancer is not malignant unlike others, it is easy for me to say this. There is no such thing as “easy life” with cancer. Yet, I tried to live a normal life while facing cancer 3 years ago. How did I do?

I continued doing simple routines when I was facing cancer.

That routine started when I was determined to claim and accept that I had cancer. Then, I decided to move on while facing cancer.
When you have cancer, living each day to the fullest means:
  • Staying involved in the duties and pleasures of daily life.
    Well, I simply hang out with families and friends but this part was not the easiest. I was still very private. I was not very sociable because my mind was still very occupied. But I was trying.
  • Returning to work if possible.
    I returned to work the day I went out of the hospital – seriously.
  • Making plans for the future.
    My immediate plan is only to travel to Hong Kong and meet my best friend! Well, for a cancer patient, they always say the words, “In case…” In case, my life will not be extended, I did what I badly want to happen!
Starting a blog was never in my mind during that time. All I just did, I find writing as a coping tool while I was on my cancer journey. I love to write and share to the public. I write when I want to resent and share how painful I was experiencing at that time. I write to also inspire and encourage somebody else.
alt="Free Advice: Stop Counting Days, Enjoy Each Day Instead"
Cielo, The Cancer Voice Asia, Author & Advocate

Live a little each day.

Let me share to you some cancer patients who live its life to the fullest despite how tremendous the pain they feel emotionally and physically.
Megan dances her way while facing cancer and its treatments.
Five-year-old Solomon Haufano was diagnosed with desmoplastic small round cell tumor. He is not allowing this cancer to slow him down, however. He has been dancing his way through treatment and putting smiles on all the people around him.
Instead of sulking about her cancer diagnosis, this mom decided instead to dance it away. Since discovering tumors on her uterus and spleen, fitness fanatic Ana-Alecia Ayala said she’s been in and out of the hospital for various treatments. During her in-patient chemotherapy treatments, Alaya can be seen dancing throughout the session. During a recent session, they learned the routine to the latest dance craze, Zay Hilfigerrr’s and Zayion McCall’s “Juju on That Beat”.

Living with cancer means not only counting your days until your death but also how to live the rest of your life — whether it is long or short.

Take care of daily duties and do things that are fun with your loved ones. Both are needed for a full life. And when you can, think about what makes life rich and meaningful for you.


🌐 I’m the author of “The Cancer Voice Asia”, and I want to share my experience with cancer to help you through yours. We create a special network of people living with similar experiences that allows us to empower ourselves and helps us to fight against the disease.
👩‍🔬I was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcome in 2016, when I was 29 years old. My healing journey becomes your healing journey, and I want to use this platform to inspire people all over the world.

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