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Hashtag #RealTalk: A Letter To My Stoma

I was deeply moved by the letter written by “Haparae” to her Stoma. Here’s for another unstoppable…

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What Is PTSD And How Can A Cancer Survivor Survive From This?

Hello dear readers! So this time, I would like to discuss about this topic (if you are…

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Here’s Why Pets Are Better Company When You’re Sick

It really sucks to be sick. How much more having an illness like cancer? It does suck more, cancer…

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A Smile Costs Nothing But Gives Much

Smiling wooden figure. Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash You’ve got cancer! Smile! Are you kidding me?…

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  You may think I am much tougher after beating cancer. You may think… I never break…

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We Never Truly Know Another’s Pain They Carry

A man shouting for freedom from pain. Photo courtesy by Tony Rojas on Unsplash We all fall down….

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Human Contact Cannot Be Overestimated!

Human contact cannot be overestimated! This was the exact sentence from another cancer survivor to me in…

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To My Dear Friend, Let’s Crush Cancer Together

Recently, you had brought us another terrible news that makes us unbearably sad. “You have cancer, again.”…