The Song

Photo by Silvestri Matteo on Unsplash

I’ll be in the sun,
The wind and in the rain.

I’ll be in the air
You breathe every day.

I’ll be the humming sound
Of the gentle breeze from the sea.

I’ll be in the clouds above
And will listen to the whisper words
Of your unfailing love.

We’ll be together before long,
Just keep listening to the song.

The Butterfly

Green Meadows
Wind blows
Leaves scatter
Flowers glitter
Tiny caterpillar
In survival
Found only
In solitary
Now tarry
To sanctuary
It's heading
and dwindling
Into cocoon
‘Til June
No space
No face
Hiding until
It'll unseal
It's time
To climb
Up where
There's air
A change
In range
Of motion
And intention
To fly
Soar high
The butterfly
Its dye
It's beautiful
And colorful

40725911 - closeup butterfly on flower (common tiger butterfly)

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