What Does Normal Mean, Anyway?

The Cancer Voice Asia | What does normal mean, anyway? Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

Seriously, what does normal mean, anyway?

That was Forrest’s awesome mother blurted out during her conversation with the flirty school principal.

The Cancer Voice Asia | Forrest Gump
The Cancer Voice Asia | Forrest Gump

Well, have you thought about that? What’s normal anyways? Being normal does not really have a true definition because everything is just — relative.

You really don’t have to be normal. Let your unrestrained behavior wing its way!

Are you weird, too?

Nah, that’s okay. You’re not normal, and that’s okay. Because there is no such thing as “normal”.

Imagine this.

From the first diagnosis of any person with cancer, their mainstream life gradually fades away. They start feeling being anxious, helpless, guilty and all kinds of negative feelings that are contributed by this disease. The worst, this traumatic experience of cancer can lead to PTSD or major mental breakdown.

Take this for example.

The first time I found out that I had a tumor, there is no night and day that I don’t cry. No matter how I tried to smile at people, it’s just difficult. After my surgical removal, the struggle continues. As if, there is no more life after this diagnosis. Cancer is deadly, I felt so hopeless. After my radiation therapy, I thought I will feel better. Then PTSD started to kick in. I avoided people around me, sleeping is just so hard, and flashbacks of traumatic of all experiences are reliving every day.

Cancer is no laughing matter.

But… It’s okay to laugh at cancer. It’s okay to laugh harder when you have cancer. Like an old saying goes about laughter being the best medicine, why not laugh as much as you can? It’s a medicine that is available for everyone.

Go laugh, there are no rules in laughing no matter in what situation you are in. Whether you have cancer.

Laughing can lighten a spirit and make you feel better. This is to be true because when I talk to a friend that has a thyroid cancer that feels pain every day, I try my best to make her laugh while she was crying. Laughing in the middle of a serious illness doesn’t seem like proper. But once in a while, it’s the only thing that can help you cope with a distressing situation.

While cancer is not a laughing matter, finding humor in the middle of difficulty – it sounds impossible but it’s probable.

Even though you are trying to live a normal life while battling cancer, it seems you just can’t. But living each day to the fullest. Having cancer and facing thoughts of death is a life-changing event in our life. Maybe, it’s the time to minimize your regrets and make new priorities. Enjoy the simple things you like to do, take pleasure in big events such as a friend’s job promotion.

Every season brings its own joy. – Spanish Proverb

Live the life you wish as you can. It’s okay not to be normal, it’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to laugh at cancer.

🌐 I’m the author of “The Cancer Voice Asia”, and I want to share my experience with cancer to help you through yours. We create a special network of people living with similar experiences that allows us to empower ourselves and helps us to fight against the disease.
👩‍🔬I was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcome in 2016, when I was 29 years old. My healing journey becomes your healing journey, and I want to use this platform to inspire people all over the world.

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