When Doing Nothing Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Today

“It’s Friday and I hate to do anything.” ~Messy C

Friday, 20th October, I’m still at work and I feel so lazy. It’s been a week I wrote my last blog and it’s Friday, I haven’t written anything yet. I’m lazy to think what to blog, to research or brainstorm. Lazy to do more lesson plans for the next few weeks.

It’s not there are nothing to do for today; in fact, there are lots of things to do. It’s just like my mind tells me not to do anything. I make no plans for the weekends, no agendas planned ahead, nothing. And it’s great!

Sometimes, doing nothing is great!

I’m not encouraging laziness in this article. I’m somehow encouraging of giving oneself a break proactively. Stop what you’re doing. Stop what you’re thinking. Stop what you’re planning ahead. The truth is, what most of my friends think about me is that I am a very organized person. Since they had known me organizing events for a year or so, all those times that they had thought that I sort out things well. I do, and sometimes, I don’t. Sometimes I am so messy, my brain is cluttered, a little muddled. Sometimes the messiness of my brain helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

When I feel like I don’t want to do anything, it means, it’s a pleasure I give to myself. I’m in my 30s now and it’s a perfect period of being a young adult compare when I was in my 20s. Like many of us, we are taught since we were young the definition of success is working hard from dawn to dusk. And many of us, won’t stop toiling until they won’t reach the success – financially or materially.

Now, let’s go back to doing nothing. I’m lazy and I intend not to do anything. I don’t want to think of anything or anyone. Mental blank, but not mental block. Why and what pleasure gives me of doing nothing? Here are the “not guilty pleasures”:

  1. My brain is grateful if I stop thinking of anything.
  2. I become mindful of myself first and the rest, to anyone or to anything.
  3. I become a “human-being” from being a “human-doing’ (we’re not robots).
  4. I enjoy my quiet moment (sometimes with a music is fine).
  5. I skip responsibilities (Yay! That makes me happy, indeed).
  6. I can rest (it’s magical).
  7. Adulting is hard (so I’m making it easy by doing nothing).
  8. I can find again my creativeness whether at work as a teacher or working on my blog.
  9. Doing nothing is not being nothing, but being something (neuroscientists even prove that it increases the quality of life: to have a purpose, help others, and having right attitude).
  10. The world won’t fall apart if I step away for a few minutes or so.

Perhaps, what makes me lazy too, is I just did all the things I will have to be done for the next week for my job at school, I’m done editing the PowerPoint presentation for the NGO I am volunteering with and done 1/4 of my job in a party planning project I’m working with. And it’s Friday! Who else wants to go an extra mile anyway?

And since I had thought of doing nothing today; and here I am, writing an article about my laziness today.

Share your lazy days now without feeling any guilt.

The time you enjoy wasting, is time not wasted.