Coping with cancer is never that easy.

There are many effective ways of coping from cancer’s traumatic experiences. It may be done with medical experts, self-help, self-care and coping strategies. But there is one thing that is the easiest way to find creative outlets to cope up with the emotions and manage the emotional effects of cancer.

“Watch movies.”

You may have your personal hobby that you will definitely enjoy but usually, that can be done alone or by few. While watching a movie at home shared with the rest of the members of the family is one of the most intimate bonds a family can do with someone who is coping up from cancer or even spending its last few days with them.

Cancer isolates people.

It is inevitable that there will be times that you may feel alone even if you have lots of people who care about you. On top of that, as days go by, you may feel that no one really understands what you’re going through. And as your cancer journey continues, you may see family, friends, neighbors or colleagues less often. You may find yourself alone more than you would like. Some people may even distance with you because they also have a hard time coping with your cancer.

Remember that you’re not alone.

Keep doing things you’ve always done the best you can. Keep doing things you love to do with your family, friends, or partner.

Make sure that you watch movies with gentle sounds and actions. Movies that burst you into laughter.

Take time to do something you enjoy every day. Most especially with your loved ones beside you. Try not to take the effects of your illness too lightly, but also don’t be too overprotective.

And, remember this, too…

“The human spirit is stronger than anything can happen to it.” ~C.C. Scott

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Cielo Superticioso, is the author of The Cancer Voice Asia created last August 2017. Cielo focuses on the remarkable benefits of sharing her story and uses her own journey as a means to help you with yours.

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