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The Cancer Voice Asia | Things you should know about childhood cancer.
Things you should know about childhood cancer.

This is the time that everyone needs to be involved in the fight against childhood cancer. Every year there are unnumbered families in Vietnam who can hear “Your child has cancer.”

Can we do something about it?

There are things you have to know about this disease before you will hear this 4-word sentence, “Your child has cancer.” *Let me give you a list of symptoms if your child has any of these, you’ve got to see your doctor immediately:

  1. A child has difficulty to pee or has blood in their pee.
  2. An unknown lump, firmness or swelling anywhere in their body.
  3. Nonstop abdominal pain or swelling.
  4. Back pain or bony pain that never goes away.
  5. Cannot be explained seizures or changes in behavior.
  6. Headaches that never go away.
  7. Frequent or unexplained bruising, unusual paleness or a rash of small red or purple spots that can’t be explained.
  8. Unexplained bleeding.
  9. Feeling tired all the time.
  10. Frequent infections of flu-like symptoms.
  11. Unexplained vomiting (being sick).
  12. Unexplained fever (high temperatures or sweating).
  13. Unexplained weight loss.
  14. Feeling short of breath.
  15. Changes in the appearance of the eye or unusual eye reflections in photos.

These are essential things to know not to make you scared of it. Early warning signs can save the life of your child.

There is always hope for the cure.

Many childhood cancers are now treatable with high treatment success rates if they are detected early enough.

Never let the small signs grow into something bigger and untreatable. However, allow also small things that can lead to something big and that is saving your child’s future by being aware now!

*The list in this post has been reworded and adapted from Cancerresearchuk.org

Cielo Superticioso, is the author of The Cancer Voice Asia created last August 2017. Cielo focuses on the remarkable benefits of sharing her story and uses her own journey as a means to help you with yours.

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