Cancer Is Hard, And So As Depression

My thoughts… are just everywhere. I could not even focus. My mind is blinded, racing, and beating right out of my chest. I had been diagnosed with cancer, I followed all the treatments. Now, I’m back home, I can go back to work. I am not even sure if I Continue Reading

This Is Why You Should Keep A Cancer Journal

The onset from dealing with cancer diagnosis is also a beginning of a “lonely” journey and battle. It’s not only me, but everyone passed through the revelation of our biopsy, we suddenly shut the world down and isolated ourselves from everyone. For more than two years I began my cancer Continue Reading

Seriously, Stop Saying, “Let Me Know If You Need Anything”

For someone who has cancer like me, I am very grateful that you come and visit me in the hospital. Thank you for the cards, a bouquet of flowers and fruits you brought. Glad you initiated a campaign or fundraising for me – WITHOUT ASKING. I would have said no Continue Reading

You May Call Us Superheroes But We Also Have Bad Days

Have you read my previous article yet? Yes, this article that was published in I Had Cancer community. There wasn’t any single moment that I wish I will stop talking about cancer. I hope you got it and I am able to help you to understand. Well, hello again, call me Cielo Continue Reading

How Can A Distraction Manage A Chronic Pain For A Cancer Survivor?

This is a personal story of one of the people who are close to me and just recently had her 2nd surgery. Her recovery is still in progress but we had noticed a remarkable progression from her. You don’t know how strong this lady is. I salute her braveness despite Continue Reading

Connecting With Peer Survivors Can Help Others Manage Their Cancer Battle

In today’s world where everyone is connected yet, not connecting. Technology has made our world closer, smaller and more connected; however, we are losing the art of real communication. People are afraid of connecting with someone with real conversation, and I would like to imagine, too, how much more for Continue Reading

Why It Is Important To Give Healthy Foods To A Cancer Patient?

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. ~Ann Wigmore Things we ought to know why appropriate diet is very important to anyone who has cancer before and after treatment. This is not only true because Google Continue Reading

5 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Children With Cancer

It’s hard to know what to say or do for someone who has cancer and most especially to a child diagnosed with cancer. You want to say or do the right thing, but sometimes it comes out wrong at the end. You wish to help someone who has cancer, be Continue Reading

How an Emotional Support Helps a Cancer Patient and Survivor

Try to examine yourself now. Are every word, action, and energy go straight to your heart? What about when you make mistakes, can you easily know it, feel it and you feel like tearing yourself apart? Now imagine this, your sibling, parent, friend or any special person in your life Continue Reading

When Financial Burden Makes the Recovery Difficult for Someone Who has Cancer

Raising awareness campaign for cancer is fantastic yet hard to work reaching out people who need to be addressing their needs. The community should basically get to know everything from cancer prevention to nutrition to environmental health issues. But little we may realize, how could these cancer patients and family Continue Reading

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