Cancer Advocacy

Choose Happiness While Facing Cancer

alt="Choose Happiness While Facing Cancer"

Staying happy during the toughest time of your life sounds impossible. Cancer never makes people happy! When I had cancer I had a lot of conversation with myself. When I found out that I had …


There’s No Tragedy For Selma Blair

alt="Selma Blair_Vanity"

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.” ~ Thích Nhất Hạnh A battle with an …

Cancer Advocacy

The Power of Becoming Intentional While Facing Cancer

alt="The Power of Becoming Intentional While Facing Cancer."

What do you want out of life despite you’re facing cancer at the moment? This seems quite difficult to answer when you are facing cancer. You see, cancer suddenly turns you to be the most …

My Story

Surviving Cancer Gives Me A Second Birthday

alt="Surviving Cancer Gives Me A Second Birthday"

Birthday holds a special meaning for us cancer survivors. It is not just a celebration of our age, it is also a celebration of love, life, and laughter despite cancer tried to crush us down. …

Cancer Advocacy

A Cancer Survivor Guide To Self-love

alt="A Cancer Survivor Guide To Self-love"

When you think of the popular term “self-love” it’s all about to love yourself more. For a cancer survivor perspective, it’s more than that. You see, for us, cancer is not only a battle of …

What Cancer Has Taught Me

Free Advice: Stop Counting Days, Enjoy Each Day Instead

alt="Free Advice: Stop Counting Days, Enjoy Each Day Instead. Photo by Adam Tinworth on Unsplash."

What cancer has taught me? Here’s a piece of free advice: stop counting your days, enjoy each day instead. It’s not coming back again! You may think I’m crazy – well, yes you may be …


Ultimate Lifestyle Tips For Hypothyroid Patients

alt="Ultimate Lifestyle Tips For Hypothyroid Patients"

Is there a way to live well with hypothyroidism? Certainly, there are lots of ways to lead yourself an overall healthy lifestyle and that includes eating well and exercising. But, not only those, there are …

The Noble Warriors

An Eye-opener: Confidential Facts About Hypothyroidism

If you already read my previous article about Tien, I shared to you many beautiful photos of her. And you might say, “She doesn’t look sick!” Well, that’s why we don’t judge a book by …

To My Dear Friend

To My Dear Friend, Keep Living Your Life to the Fullest

To My Dear Friend, Just Live Your Life to the Fullest

This is not a goodbye letter. When I had cancer 3 years ago, I thought to write a goodbye letter, in case, I can’t make it (living a long life, you know). And, so, I …

Cancer Advocacy

Here’s How To Manage Your Eating Problems After Chemo

Here's How To Manage Your Eating Problems After Chemo. Photo by Mom Junction

One of the challenges during your chemotherapy is not only hair loss but also the changes in your appetite during or after your treatment. Aside from many side effects, chemo can do to your body, …

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